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Curious Christmas Tree

Steven Hall

Steven Hall, Reporter

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After Memorial Day weekend, students were surprised that their grassy walkway between the library and the science building had a new addition. Seemingly overnight, a seven foot Christmas tree now occupied a favorite walkway for lunch bound students. Many gathered around it, not to sing carols, but out of curiosity to where the tree came from.

“It was strange to see it there, but I didn’t pay much attention to it,” said senior Tyler Campbell. Speculations ran about the tree being the senior prank for the class of 2012; however the answer was unclear as senior pranks are often more flamboyant. The identity of the prankster or pranksters is still unknown, however during the Senior Recognition Assembly, while Mr. Willis was presenting awards, he dropped a huge hint.

“[These rumors are] true, the tree was a part of the senior prank” said vice principal Mark Willis. When told that the tree was the senior prank, students had more than a negative reaction. “That’s more than stupid, that’s really stupid, how is that even a prank?” said senior Dakota Hinton.

Other students had more outrageous ideas for a senior prank, “I would have blown up a car or something, not really but something better than just a tree” said senior Walter Davy. The new addition to the school is destined to stay where it is as long as it’s taken care of.

“If the tree dies then they have to come and remove it because what I heard from a guy who deals with those trees is that they didn’t dig deep enough” said Willis.

Due to the lack of vandalism, there will be no disciplinary measures taken against the pranksters especially since they went through the principals of the school before planting the tree. “That doesn’t make it much of a prank if they got permission, I wouldn’t know what to call it but definitely not a prank” said Campbell. Last year’s prank included the relocation of Mr. Willis’ car and gained much more laughs as this year’s tree stunt.

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Curious Christmas Tree