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The Truth About Annoying Freshmen

The Truth About Annoying Freshmen

by Steven Hall

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They’re new, they’re in the way, they’re the babies of the school and we all love to hate them. Freshmen are the target of much loathing, especially from upperclassmen who always put the blame on the little guy.

”They’re just too outgoing and think that they’re all-important. Some think they can push us around or mess with us, but they haven’t realized that they can’t, yet, it’s just not the way it works,” said Frank Carr, a senior. There are many reasons for the intense focus on the newcomers of Sequim High, including a seeming immature air about them.

“[Freshmen are annoying] because they still think it’s middle school, and bring all of their middle school immaturity into the high school,” said Sarah Spray, also a senior.

Fresh out of the oven from the middle school, they spill into a melting pot of pure frustration for other classmates with their careless attitude towards work and teachers.

The new comers to the high school tend to raise their voice to get their thoughts out quickly, coming off disrespectful to some of their older classmates.

“[Freshmen are] like an arterial clot,” said Taylor Sams, a junior, describing the bottleneck effect on the traffic flow through the halls.

Along with clogging the halls, they pass half-thought jokes amongst themselves itching for attention, “Some tend to make everything about them and everything is a huge deal,” Carr said.

‘You were a freshmen once too’ is a comeback used when another classmate utters ‘freshmen’ as a derogatory term. Nothing is more annoying than that simple phrase because in the minds of upperclassmen they don’t think they were as bad as the current class of newcomers.

However, surprisingly enough, some upperclassmen have a different view of the freshmen. “I think the crushing despair of high school as a concept hasn’t had the time to fully hit them yet, so in a weird roundabout way, we’re jealous of them,” Sams said, “It’s less that they’re actually obnoxious and more that we’re bitter.”

This bitterness causes an epidemic of the annoying stereotype which isn’t always true but lumps all the baby freshmen into an immediate grouping. As with every stereotype, it’s built mostly of lies and the two percent that cause a bad image for the rest of the group. “They just have to learn the rules and such, everybody goes through that, and they’ll make sure it’s the same for everyone else,” Carr said.

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The Truth About Annoying Freshmen