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Internet Browser Choice Loads Problems

Internet Browser Choice Loads Problems

Stew Cockburn

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Despite common belief, internet browsers are for more than just Facebook and Tumblr.  But for those who limit their web life to social media, how does each browser stack up? “Ease of access and speed are most important” said Charles Kleinberg, the multimedia teacher who prefers Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Explorer (I.E) is the default browser on Personal Computers. However, according to Stat Counter, I.E. is used only about 1/3 of the time by US consumers. Firefox and Chrome both have about 23% of the browser share.

In multimedia and video productions a class “I.E. is used by the majority of students” said Kleinberg. But for some changing their browser for school is just not a big deal. “For 45 minutes a day, it really doesn’t matter” said Tyler Campbell, an I.E. user at school who prefers Firefox on his home computer.

If speed is the deciding factor, users should turn to Firefox according to When starting each browser and loading 6 webpages, Firefox loaded 4 seconds faster than I.E. and over 9 seconds faster than Google Chrome. The difference in speed might not be huge but to some, but it still matters.

“The difference in time might not be significant, but I.E. just seems slower, clunkier and contains more bugs with sites and toolbars,” said Jeremy Huls. Huls is a second semester student in Multimedia and an advocate for Chrome.

Of the media teachers asked, all preferred Chrome or Firefox over I.E. but often let students decide their choice of browsers. While it’s against district policy for students to install software, many students still use their preferred browsers.

Some think that the choice of browser is trivial and doesn’t really matter, but for those students that are in CAD or Multimedia it can be important. For assignments that are mostly through the internet, the browser you choose could save you time or help students succeed.

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Internet Browser Choice Loads Problems